IT IS web: Internet webshop and portal!

New web part technology, free configurable web interface out of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

IT IS web is based on the technology of IT IS activigence and IT IS mobiligence. With IT IS web you get a free configurable web interface out of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to design shops, information portals and more. During a few hours a complete webshop can be added to your Dynamics NAV system.

Set up your worldwide shopping window in no time!

A serious web presence for business or end customers is a must for companies today. But only the combination with business solutions like Microsoft Dynamics will give you a portal. This is the perfect solution for your company and your customers, as your business power can be leveraged with the portal very efficient to your business workflow. Shopping and information systems will arise, which are a safe, still powerful and lay out the information and collaboration window to the whole world. Thus you will reach your customers wherever they are and put your company on today?s and tommorow?s business and market place.

IT IS web provides you with all the advantages of Microsoft Dynamics with a cost-effective and complete portal. IT IS web is based on the innovative technology of IT IS activigence and IT IS mobiligence. Everything you want to see in the web will be configured and fits to your individual requirements very easily. Set it up by your MBS-partner or even by yourself.

The Navision Employee Portal, which is a standard module of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and developed by our company, uses that way of configuration. This makes IT IS web your premier choice so close to the manufacturer of Dynamics.

The value your company and your customers will gain is obvious: With IT IS web your customers can place orders, which are available in Microsoft Dynamics on the spot. All data necessary for a selling process, like billing address, shipping address, dispatch type and other are allocated to the ERP-system immediatelly. You then will accept or modify purchase orders directly without delay and move on.

Use IT IS web to communicate with your customers and partners via web and promote your business to be easy, fast and more cost-effective then ever. We will get you on the internet efficently.

IT IS more than an Internet portal!

Build and run dynamic portals and webshops in the field of B2B and B2C. Our solution offers several catalogs and baskets of goods, a fuzzy search, a wizard checkout and the display of Dynamics documents like shipments and invoices.

?On Sale? campaigns and speciality sales are handed over directly from your Microsoft Dynamics NAV or AX ERP system and displayed within the webshop. With IT IS web all maintainance of items and master data are easy as the ABC; connecting vendors and customers as well.

Take a look at the value of connectivity: You no longer need to import orders long-winded, instead you have a direct way to the Dynamics ERP system. In a simple way your customers are enabled to change their own master data by themselves (like address, phone number etc.). And again, all changes are automatically put directly to Dynamics.

But that's not all: You keep your webshop always up to date while doing just the normal work inside Dynamics. You now can display the availability of products your customers will trust and use the customised price calculus to present them their price on the web portal. Moreover, you are in command of the other functions that make use of the business logic of the Dynamics system.

With IT IS web you build a complete webshop system within a few hours: The set-up is based on several page templates that serve as area for the free configurable web interface. Within those page templates you will place active elements - called web parts. These web parts provides you with a modern, flexible and modular user interface based on Microsoft .Net 2.0 technology.

IT IS web with Content-Management-System (CMS)

The integration of a content management system (CMS) in IT IS web content is configured within the Dynamics system.

That strong relation shares the strengths of IT IS activigence and Dynamics in an optimal way. This reduces the load on the Dynamics system. IT IS web provides you with important features like integrated forums, contact forms, the display of FAQs and even with polls that deliver your customers desires automatically into your ERP system.

IT IS activigence distinguishes by high flexibility and multiple utility. You have the most different opportunities of an internet portal at your disposal. There are scenarios in the various branches, which you can realize with IT IS web. From the classical webshop over training, service, information to vendor portals all possibilities are open.

IT IS web with an intelligent search!

The fantastic forgiving search: Search the whole Dynamics system - here for example in the item inventory - and find the relevant entries immediately.

IT IS web offers an intelligent and forgiving search, that delivers results even when the search terms are inaccurate or typed in wrong. For example, customers who are looking for a ?chhair? will find a ?chair? in your inventory!

Secure for Internet portals with IT IS web!

IT IS web offers with the hostable splitting between frontend and backend a highly secure solution.

Here, IT IS web offers with the hostable splitting between frontend and backend a highly secure solution. By the modern method of digital signature all security mechanisms that are adaptable in that area are used. The encryption of the Microsoft message queues is the guarantee that the communication between frontend and backend is safe. And shopping with SSL protects the customer data.


IT IS web SKY runs your web site on a virtual server image. The foundation is the attractive Windows Server 2003 Web Edition giving you many benefits and advantages. First of all, you do not need an ex-pensive hardware thus saving the investment in machines, human resources and maintenance. Additionally, you do not need to worry about attacks from the internet because your virtual server is running behind state-of-the-art-firewalls. Finally, you simply can move anytime by taking the image with you.

Our high quality hosting is founded on advanced high-end technology

The images are running on several redundant 8-way IBM Server - thus the 24/7-operation with optimal data security is ensured. Our network has redundant external network connection based on fiber optics and copper (currently seven lines) and internally the servers are double-covered with gigabit fiber optics und gigabit copper wires. The package for your sharepoint solution runs for a period of 36 months.

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